Monday, July 16, 2012

April 12, 2011, cont.

Minutes after I sent the text message to my husband, he called back. Between heaves, I could hear his google eyed excitement at the prospect of being a dad. He'd been waiting so long to hear those words he wasn't quite sure he could trust the dollar store pregnancy test and asked me to run down to the Kaiser lab to confirm the pregnancy.  My sister was off work that day and dropped me off for the test...a quick pee in a cup and I was sent home to wait for the phone call confirmation. The nice lab check in guy offered to rush my test so I didn't have to wait on pins and needles all night and half of tomorrow, even though it was 4pm by then.  The three hour wait would be bad enough!  I don't even remember getting the call as it came in between waves of more dry heaving, but I do remember them saying it was positive and to make an OB/GYN appointment as soon as possible. 

And OH did my husband pull a fast one on my sister telling her. She lives in the unit upstairs from us, so he called her all concerned, voice shaking, that we'd gotten the test results back and she needed to come downstairs right away. It was serious.  I didn't know he'd done that so when I popped my head around the corner from the hallway and said, "Hi aunt!" her face melted into the softest expression I've ever seen on her face as she asked, "You're pregnant? Really?"  Then she hit him.  My mom was thrilled, my dad was content (which is thrilled for him) and my sister was already planning how to help me finish drywalling the nursery we'd been using as an office for the past year. Aside from the non-stop vomiting, life was very good!

Monday, July 2, 2012

April 12, 2011- The Discovery

I woke up feeling kinda rotten today. Nose dripping, stomach upset and absolutely exhausted. But I went on into work anyway, mostly because I hadn't woken up early enough to call out!  Ninety minutes into my shift, the nausea started to get really bad. IE: swallowing it down, bad. I was working alone in a section of the store and had two customers involved in major planning sessions so I couldn't just walk off until someone came to relieve me. When another coworker did appear, I wasted no time excusing myself and bolting for the bathroom.

I didn't make it. I projectile vomited on the stairs. Thankfully the back, employee only stairs.  Worst of all, I couldn't even stop to clean it up because the next wave was coming. At least I'd skipped breakfast that morning. :-/  Once I hit the bathroom, I kept heaving until I was emptier than I ever thought I could be and my stomach had settled enough I didn't think I'd embarrass myself again. A quick wash up and mouthwash and I headed back to the sales floor to wait for the afternoon shift to arrive so I could go home early.

Fifteen minutes later, my coworker said, "You look really white again Liz. You better go. We'll manage."  As I bolted off the floor to face another heaving session in the employee bathroom, I did call the floor manager of the day and announce I was going home.  I made it home only to vomit before I could even get into my jammies. After another three hours of this, I sat there thinking, "I have never had a stomach bug this bad before; what gives?"  And the penny dropped...we'd been trying to get pregnant for years. Actually, we had started saving for fertility treatments several months before. So I pulled out a pregnancy test, held my breath and sat there STUNNED when that little pink line showed up. The test line showed up faster than the control did! I was pregnant!!! I was so excited, I puked. Then I sent a photo of the test to my worried hubby at work: "I think I found the source of the vomiting. That's a positive pregnancy test."
That famous double line.