Monday, July 2, 2012

April 12, 2011- The Discovery

I woke up feeling kinda rotten today. Nose dripping, stomach upset and absolutely exhausted. But I went on into work anyway, mostly because I hadn't woken up early enough to call out!  Ninety minutes into my shift, the nausea started to get really bad. IE: swallowing it down, bad. I was working alone in a section of the store and had two customers involved in major planning sessions so I couldn't just walk off until someone came to relieve me. When another coworker did appear, I wasted no time excusing myself and bolting for the bathroom.

I didn't make it. I projectile vomited on the stairs. Thankfully the back, employee only stairs.  Worst of all, I couldn't even stop to clean it up because the next wave was coming. At least I'd skipped breakfast that morning. :-/  Once I hit the bathroom, I kept heaving until I was emptier than I ever thought I could be and my stomach had settled enough I didn't think I'd embarrass myself again. A quick wash up and mouthwash and I headed back to the sales floor to wait for the afternoon shift to arrive so I could go home early.

Fifteen minutes later, my coworker said, "You look really white again Liz. You better go. We'll manage."  As I bolted off the floor to face another heaving session in the employee bathroom, I did call the floor manager of the day and announce I was going home.  I made it home only to vomit before I could even get into my jammies. After another three hours of this, I sat there thinking, "I have never had a stomach bug this bad before; what gives?"  And the penny dropped...we'd been trying to get pregnant for years. Actually, we had started saving for fertility treatments several months before. So I pulled out a pregnancy test, held my breath and sat there STUNNED when that little pink line showed up. The test line showed up faster than the control did! I was pregnant!!! I was so excited, I puked. Then I sent a photo of the test to my worried hubby at work: "I think I found the source of the vomiting. That's a positive pregnancy test."
That famous double line. 

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